Exercise 1 Drop Box GIS 585: GIS Applications in IT,

Exercise 1 Drop Box

GIS 585: GIS Applications in IT, Business, Management, Health & Government operations

Exercise 1: Investigate pollution patterns with space-time analysis

Elevated levels of fine particulate matter pollution are associated with premature death and increased risk of cardiovascular and pulmonary disease and cost the global economy over 225 billion U.S. dollars in lost labor annually. The patterns of pollution are not uniform globally, and the pollution levels may be overreported in some locations but underreported in others.

In this lesson, you’ll explore global differences in pollution patterns in space and time to find areas with extreme or unusual pollution patterns. You’ll convert between different temporal data structures, apply space-time analysis to time series data, and use charts and 3D visualization to understand your results. Please click a link for more instructions.



Writing Requirements:
  • Include a report, 3–4 pages in length, in APA format (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)

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