Excelsior College Cancer Genetics and Genomics Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

The ability to disseminate and present information in a clear and concise manner to others in
person is critical in many aspects of the medical science disciplines. Whether it be at conference
proceedings or a patient evaluation, this is a critical skill. This video assignment is designed to
provide that experience and offer critiques for future presentations.
You should produce and submit a 10 minute-long video presentation (or a PowerPoint with audio
presentation) summarizing your understanding of cancer biology based on your exposure so far
in this course. Search for and consult review articles that have done some work on this in helping
you come up with an intelligent construct of your thoughts. This is an opportunity for you to
convince yourself and your instructor that you have a good grasp of the biomedical foundations
of medicine. Your references should be in AMA format and should use at least 5 peer-reviewed
scientific literature.


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As a medical professor in charge of creating college assignments and evaluating student performance, I understand the importance of developing effective communication skills in the field of medicine. This particular assignment aims to enhance students’ ability to disseminate scientific information concisely and clearly through a video presentation or a PowerPoint with audio. The objective is for students to summarize their understanding of cancer biology based on their exposure in the course and convince themselves and their instructor that they have a solid grasp of the biomedical foundations of medicine. The use of peer-reviewed scientific literature is encouraged to support their arguments and ensure the credibility of their presentations.


For this assignment, students are required to create a 10-minute video presentation or a PowerPoint with audio, summarizing their understanding of cancer biology. They should present their thoughts based on the knowledge and concepts they have acquired in the course thus far. To strengthen their arguments and construct an intelligent presentation, students are expected to consult review articles that have explored the topic of cancer biology.

The video presentation or PowerPoint should be concise and organized, allowing for a thorough yet accessible overview of cancer biology. The aim is to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter while effectively conveying essential information to the audience. It is vital for students to showcase their ability to present complex scientific concepts in a clear and understandable manner.

To ensure academic integrity and credibility, students should incorporate a minimum of five peer-reviewed scientific literature references in their presentation. These references must be cited using the AMA format accurately. By including reputable and up-to-date sources, students can support their arguments and demonstrate their familiarity with the current scientific literature surrounding cancer biology.

Remember, this assignment is designed not only to assess your knowledge and comprehension of cancer biology but also to enhance your communication skills in presenting scientific information effectively. Take this opportunity to convince yourself and your instructor that you possess a solid grasp of the biomedical foundations of medicine.

(Note: The answer provided is an example response for the described content. The actual content may vary based on specific requirements or instructions given by the medical professor.)

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