CAN CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING PROMPTS: 1) Compare two musicians from the course that play the same instrument. Describe their style, influences, differences. 2) Book report on a jazz-related book or article. Possible sources: The Birth of Bebop A Social and Musical History (Scott DeVeaux); Steven F. Pond – Head Hunters The Making of Jazz’s First Platinum Album (Jazz Perspectives) (2005, University of Michigan Press); [Renegade Reprint Series] LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka) Home Social Essays (2009, Akashic Books); [The History of Jazz] Gunther Schuller – Early Jazz Its Roots and Musical Development (1968, Oxford University Press); A night in Tunisia imaginings of Africa in jazz; David Ake Jazz Matters Sound, Place, and Time since Bebop(2010, University of California Press) Duke Ellington’s America Harvey G. Cohen. May, 2010; Jazz Cultures (David Ake); 3) Write a paper on the Los Angeles Jazz Scene after 1945-1970. Make sure you write about important musicians, venues, recording labels, recording studios, etc. 4)Pick a theme: jazz and gender, race and jazz, etc. You can focus on a specific song, artist, album or style of jazz 5)Short Essay: the essay will focus on one or two recordings by one jazz recording artist. The focus will be on the following: a. How the recording was received by critics and reviewers. Since it might be hard to find criticisms and reviews that are contemporary with the older recordings, I suggest you also search for reviews made about re-issues and compilations. b. Also include any information you can find about popular acceptance of the recording you chose.


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