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Ethics are important in any area but particularly in healthcare. Every patient population has their own specific ethical considerations. Post a brief description of your population and the plan idea you have for addressing their health needs. This time also describe the ethical issues involved in serving your population.

Comment on another student’s post. Offer insight and suggestions about potential ethical considerations for their proposed plan.

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As a medical professor, it is vital to understand the importance of ethics in healthcare. Different patient populations have unique ethical considerations that need to be addressed. In this post, I will discuss a population and their unique health needs. I will also provide a plan idea and explore the ethical issues involved in serving this population.


The population I am addressing is the elderly, specifically those living in nursing homes. As people age, they become more vulnerable to chronic conditions and illnesses. Living in nursing homes provides them with a supportive environment, but it also poses ethical challenges that need to be addressed.

My plan idea would be to introduce telemedicine as a way of increasing access to healthcare for the elderly living in nursing homes. Telemedicine is a service that allows patients to communicate with healthcare professionals through online video and audio channels.

The ethical issues that I would need to address include patient privacy and confidentiality when using telemedicine. There is also a need to ensure that the technology is accessible and easy to use for elderly patients. There is also the issue of informed consent, ensuring that the elderly patients understand the technology and are comfortable using it.

Comment on another student’s post:

I read one student’s post that focused on the ethical considerations of serving the homeless population. The student’s plan idea was to set up mobile clinics that would provide essential healthcare services such as blood pressure checks, vaccinations, and hygiene services, among others.

One potential ethical consideration is informed consent. The homeless population faces different challenges such as mental health, substance use, and previous trauma. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that they understand the services being provided and give informed consent before administering any treatment. Additionally, there are privacy concerns around using mobile clinics in public spaces. It would be important to ensure that patient information is kept confidential and that services are provided in safe spaces.

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