Emerging infections

 Your first discussion board deals with emerging and re-emerging diseases.  You are to read the article, choose one of the pathogens and state ten (10) facts about the pathogen that are not included in the article. Your original post is due by the end of the day on February 18 . You are to cite at least two credible sources (you may use either APA or MLA type of citation) and respond to the posts of at least two other students. Your response posts must be of substance, it must add to the original post in some way and not just be a statement of agreement or disagreement, etc. You may have to dig back into the article or do some research and look up information to add to the posts of others (cite your sources). Your response posts are due by the end of the day on February 25. You must create a thread prior to having access to the posts of others. If you do not post your original post by the due date you will not be able to participate in the discussion board and will receive no credit. This discussion board is worth 30 points https://www.contagionlive.com/publications/contagion/2018/february/5-emerging-infections-to-watch-out-for-in-2018

#Emerging #infections

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