. Did you understand that Horace Miner was describing that


. Did you understand that Horace Miner was describing that “Nacirema” spelled backwards is American? Why wouldn’t you or others necessarily recognize this?

2. Using Horace Miner’s approach, write a brief story that uses some other common experience, such as going to the movies, watching TV, going dancing, a day at work, etc.

3. Did you notice the moon-walking bear in the YouTube video? Why do people miss the obvious?

4. According to CW Mills, what is the difference between troubles and issues? Provide two examples that he uses to illustrate your response.

5. What does CW Mills suggest about happiness and success in social life? 

6. Sam Richards says that thinking sociologically boils down to empathy, and he uses the perspective of an Iraqi Muslim to illustrate his point. Explain.

7. Explain how the instructor is using the term “seeing.”

8. Come up with three of your own examples to illustrate how the notion of “seeing more, more clearly” may actually work. These should be different than the examples illustrated in the lecture. Each example should reference course terminology, macro context, daily life, and larger reality.  

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