Demonstrate knowledge about the elements of and linkages between an


Demonstrate knowledge about the elements of and linkages between an organization’s innovation strategy formulation and implementation;

Evaluate an organization’s innovation efforts for the purpose of providing recommendations for how a firm can improve its performance relative to its competitors;

Generate viable options to specific strategic innovation decisions; and

Formulate a strategic recommendation.

 Pursue Your Passion Technological Innovation Project:
take one of your passion project companies.  To date, you have described
the innovation (using concepts from class), explained the development of the innovation (e.g.,
why and how it was developed and its level of success) and summarized the lessons learned
from this experience.  Now, take it to the next level for the company, or a company using the
innovation.  Describe:
 the current strategy of the company,
 the challenges it faces in taking advantage of the innovation, and
 make recommendations for how it should proceed.  
For the analysis, draw from book material and focus on the external environment (chapters 2-
5), look at how the company is positioned with the innovation (chapters 6-9), and internally
how they are organized to take advantage of the current innovation or to create new
innovations (chapters 10-13).  Recommendations should address issues from any of these three
dimensions and should address current and anticipated challenges.   


  • Students will collect data to analyze their topics and to drive their reports, including secondary and primary sources (their own qualitative method if they choose).
  • The group’s research will be reported in a paper (no more than 10 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins), inclusive of descriptions, findings, interpretations, and recommendations (appendices, references, tables, do not count toward the limit).
  • Please submit the file as a Word document.
  • All reports will be assessed using Turnitin. 

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