Define and present examples of Big Data in relationship to

Define and present examples of Big Data in relationship to decision-making and technologies that enable Big Data analysis. Present and provide examples of how Big Data can help organizations become more efficient.

  1. Define and present examples of Hadoop open-source software utilities. Describe in detail how these utilities aid in the networking of several computers for the purpose of harnessing large amounts of data and computation.
  2. Describe, compare, and contrast HBase and other Big Data Databases. Provide examples and applications for these various databases.
  3. Provide a summary of the software labs your instructor assigned to you for Hadoop and HBase. Your summary should include some particular aspects of the software utility and the database in terms of programming, frameworks, and functionality.
  • Install and configure Hadoop.
  • Install and configure HBase.
  • Install and configure MySQL.
  • Test CRUD with the above three DBMSs and examine the differences.
  • Write an application to grab contents from online resources, such as a list of web pages, to examine trending keywords.

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