Criminal justice constantly makes the news. For this assignment, you


Criminal justice constantly makes the news.  For this assignment, you need to locate a recent news article that is related to criminal justice.  There is a topic list here: Current Event Topic List.pd . This list is just to help you, but you are not required to use a topic on the list. You may use any news article as long as it is related to criminal justice.  “Recent” means an article in the last six months or so. You can find online news articles in several different ways. You can google using the keywords on the criminal justice topic list in the search bar and then selecting the “news” filter. You can also go directly to local news and/or national news websites and there are usually plenty of articles. 

Create your own Word (.doc) document and then provide the following:

  1. Provide the reference/citation to the news article in proper APA format (see example APA format below).
  2. State what criminal justice topic(s) the article relates to.
  3. Summarize the article. The summary must be in your own words (do NOT copy/paste portions of the article). Include the major issues that are in the article (explain the who, what, where, why, when, how). This summary should be between 1-2 paragraphs, double spaced. Be sure to use complete sentences, check your spelling and grammar.

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