Country Development profile (Myan

The assessment aim

You are creating a development profile that gives a snap shot of where that country is in terms of economic development today (you will use latest data)

You will include analysis of the main economic trends/factors affecting the economy over the past 5-10 years. You are taking a long term view so will not discuss seasonal or quarterly variations in data but rather long term trends).

You will include a section on social progress

Data sources

World Bank


Your report should be written in report style and include the following sections. You may add more sections as you see appropriate. Failure to include any of these sections will lead to a deduction in marks but including too many will mean you may compromise depth.

Sections to include in your report

Comparative development indicators
Your analysis should compare and contrast the latest data available for your chosen country and cover data on the following:
1) Income level
2) Poverty & inequality
3) The structure of the economy
4) Economic performance over last five –ten years
This is a minimum requirement but you may also use social indicators or any data that you think will help to give an overview of that country’s characteristics and economic position

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