Commonalities and differences between 2 coaches from different sports

Commonalities and differences between 2 coaches from different sports and how they build and maintain relationships


Project Report (80%)

Summative assessment will require students to evidence achievement of the learning outcomes specified in this module through a range of assessment outputs (approximately 4,000 words equivalent), e.g. Case Study, Research Report, Presentation, Research Poster etc. Assessment criteria will be established and used in line with the level of the module, the learning outcomes and contextualised for the particular study.

Independent Study Report submission is due

Assessment Criteria:

Rationale  for study informed and supported by understanding of relevant research and related theory or model (30%)

Description of methods and findings (20%)

Analysis and interpretation of findings in relation to relevant research (30%)

Critical appraisal of application to /implications for coaching (10%)

Presentation/references (10%)

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