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Based on the scientific management theory, some routines in healthcare that are inefficient are the amount of patients seen by a provider in a day. Obviously, providers are meant to care for those that are sick but many times, patients are seen as “objects of money” rather that a person in need. Corporate persons are only looking at how much money a provider can bring in a single day. Not how they are helping the patient. According to our lecture, it states, “According to the foundation of this theory, humans are motivated by money, and there should be a separation between managers and the workers.” (GCU.2017). This states that money is the drive for how a healthcare system is run. Corporate tells the healthcare providers how to give medical care rather than what is good for the patient or not. This is very wrong and should be one of the major efforts of change in healthcare.

            Participative decision making exists somewhat in my workplace. Participative decision making theory states that employers encourage ideas or concerns from the employees and therefor can make changes needed according to employee ideas. We have a “change board” in our lounge that we are able to put anonymous concerns and ideas on. Things that we think are needed or can be changed can be put up here. Every month it is read in staff meeting and followed up with management. This is a great idea but rarely works. I have yet to see any changes from the board happen. I know management is busy but if they take the employees ideas and try to work with us then it will improve moral and possible patient outcomes.


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The author raises an important issue regarding the inefficiency in healthcare routines, specifically the high number of patients seen by providers in a day. The author argues that healthcare providers are often driven by financial motives rather than prioritizing patient care. According to the scientific management theory, which the author mentions, humans are motivated by money, and there is a separation between managers and workers. This theory implies that corporate influence in healthcare may lead to prioritizing financial gain over patient well-being.

The author also discusses the concept of participative decision making in their workplace. Participative decision making entails encouraging employee input and incorporating their ideas and concerns into decision-making processes. The author mentions the presence of a “change board” where employees can anonymously contribute ideas and concerns, which are then presented to management. The author suggests that although this system exists in their workplace, it rarely leads to any actual changes being implemented.

In order to address the issues raised, it is crucial for healthcare organizations to prioritize patient care over financial gain. This can be achieved by emphasizing the importance of patient well-being in organizational goals and evaluating provider performance based on patient outcomes rather than the sheer number of patients seen. Additionally, there should be a stronger emphasis on employee engagement and participative decision making. Management should actively listen to and act upon employee ideas and concerns, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. This can lead to improved morale among healthcare providers and potentially better patient outcomes.

GCU. (2017). Lecture notes on scientific management theory. [Course material]. Grand Canyon University.

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