collaboration involves different communication styles

Rubenfeld & Scheffer (2015) suggested that interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration involves different communication styles and can result in conflict that can negatively affect patient care practices. Previously you discussed how emotions, feelings anxiety and confidence can affect your ability to think critically. Discuss how you may be able to use conflict in a positive way to promote interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration.

Please support your initial discussion and opinions with at least two citations from the assigned readings, or peer-reviewed professional nursing literature.

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Interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration are essential elements of patient care practices. However, conflicts may arise due to differences in communication styles, which can negatively affect patient care. This answer will discuss how conflicts can be used in a positive way to promote interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration.

Conflicts within interdisciplinary teams can be challenging, but they can also lead to positive outcomes. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN, 2019), conflicts can provoke critical thinking and create opportunities for problem-solving. Conflicts can also enhance communication by providing opportunities to discuss different perspectives, promote understanding, and encourage mutual respect.

To use conflict positively, healthcare professionals need to approach the situation constructively, respecting each other’s opinions, and striving for a common goal. Furthermore, conflicts can be managed by establishing a safe and supportive environment where all team members feel comfortable sharing their opinions. Effective communication strategies such as active listening, clear and concise messaging, and using “I” statements can help prevent communication breakdowns.

In conclusion, conflicts can be used positively to promote interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration. As healthcare professionals, we need to approach conflicts constructively and utilize effective communication strategies to enhance teamwork and provide better patient care.


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Rubenfeld, M. G., & Scheffer, B. K. (2015). Critical Thinking Tactics for Nurses: Achieving the IOM Competencies. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

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