Case Study: Prescribed Drugs with CAMs

A 35-year-old male, Mr. NX, presents to your clinic today with complaints of back pain and “just not feeling good.” Regarding his back, he states that his back pain is a chronic condition that he has suffered with for about the last 10 years. He has not suffered any specific injury to his back. He denies weakness of the lower extremities, denies bowel or bladder changes or dysfunction, and denies radiation of pain to the lower extremities and no numbness or tingling of the lower extremities. He describes the pain as a constant dull ache and tightness across the low back.

He states he started a workout program about 3 weeks ago. He states he is working out with a friend who is a body builder. He states his friend suggested taking Creatine to help build muscle and Coenzyme Q10 as an antioxidant so he started those medications at the same time he began working out. He states he also takes Kava Kava for his anxiety and garlic to help lower his blood pressure.

His historical diagnoses, currently under control, are:

Type II diabetes since age 27

High blood pressure

Recurrent DVTs

His prescribed medications include:

Glyburide 3 mg daily with breakfast

Lisinopril 20 mg daily

Coumadin 5 mg daily


*****This Assignment may be submitted in a PowerPoint presentation with at least 10 slides APA formatted

Based on the above case study, address each section of the Unit 9 Assignment template.

Template attached

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A patient with a chronic back pain complaint and recent workout regimen presented to the clinic. The patient has a medical history of type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and recurrent DVTs and is currently taking several medications. This case study will analyze the patient’s condition and recommend appropriate measures.

1. Provide a possible etiology for the chronic back pain:

The possible etiology for the chronic back pain in the patient could be due to the long-term effect of type II diabetes, as it can lead to nerve damage and result in chronic pain. Additionally, the recent workout program could have caused overexertion and muscle strain leading to the back pain.

2. Discuss potential drug interactions that may be occurring with this patient:

The patient is taking several medications for his medical conditions, and there is a possibility of drug interactions. Combining creatine and Coenzyme Q10 supplements with prescribed medication can cause adverse effects such as bleeding, increased heart rate, and blood pressure. Kava Kava and garlic supplements can also interact negatively with the prescribed medications, leading to increased bleeding risk and reduced effectiveness of Coumadin, respectively.

3. What instructions would you provide regarding the patient’s medication?

The instructions regarding the patient’s medication would be to consult with the prescribing physician before taking any over-the-counter supplements, including creatine, Coenzyme Q10, Kava Kava, and garlic supplements. Additionally, the patient should monitor for potential side effects of drug interactions and inform their physician immediately if any adverse symptoms occur.

4. What recommendations would you make to the patient regarding his back pain?

The recommendations for the patient to alleviate his back pain would be to perform gentle stretching exercises, use hot or cold packs, maintain proper posture, and avoid overexertion during workouts. Additionally, the patient should consult with a physical therapist or chiropractor to develop an appropriate exercise plan to strengthen back muscles and prevent further damage. It is also essential to rule out any underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to the chronic pain, specifically related to the patient’s type II diabetes.

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