By now you should have already read Chapter 5 and

 By now you should have already read Chapter 5 and also watched the Seth Godin video on Tribal Marketing.  This assignment will ask you to circle back on both the video and the chapter.  

I’d like you to view the Generic Strategies from the chapter through the lens of Tribal Marketing, and write a couple of pages on examples you can find where companies are using this tribal strategy to attract customers in their market.  Here’s an example – Where would you place Starbucks in the Generic Strategies graphic, and can you research and find examples of how Starbucks reaches its tribe through marketing, sales, promotions, or social media.  I’d like each of you to have one example of this for each of the five generic strategies (yes, five – see the chapter….). 

Chapter 5

Links to textbook 

Seth Godin video

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