Benchmark Assignment Health Care Market

The focus of this Benchmark Assignment is to consider how consumer demographics and health care marketing plays a role in consumer behaviors of selecting health care resources.

Select 1 of the following in your community or surrounding area:

  • One walk-in clinic, such as an urgent care facility
  • One retail clinic in your local grocery store or retail pharmacy
  • No-appointment physician’s office

Research the market of this facility. Consider the following as you complete your research:

  • Demographics of the consumers who use the facility selected
  • The location of the facility selected
  • The marketing used to bring in consumers to the facility selected

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that analyzes the market perspective of the facility selected by addressing the following:

  • Describe the facility selected, including its location.
  • Analyze the demographics of the consumers who use the facility selected.
    • Include the cultural and generational demographics in your analysis.
  • Analyze the marketing approach used for the facility.
    • Consider the targeted audience of the facility based on the demographics of the consumers who use the facility.
    • Consider whether marketing techniques can be the same when marketing to different demographics.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

Cite at least 1 reputable reference.

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The healthcare industry is rapidly changing, and healthcare organizations are continually seeking innovative ways to enhance patient outcomes and improve the revenue generation process. In this Benchmark Assignment, we will analyze the market perspective of a healthcare facility in the local community. The selected facility could be a walk-in clinic, retail clinic in a grocery store or retail pharmacy, or a no-appointment physician’s office. Our analysis will include the demographics of consumers that utilize the selected facility, its location, and the marketing approach used to attract consumers.


The selected facility for analysis is an urgent care facility located in the downtown area of the city. The clinic has extended hours of operation, offering services beyond regular business hours and on weekends and holidays. The facility satisfies a need within the community, providing quick and affordable medical attention for non-life-threatening illnesses. Patients that utilize the facility range from children to older adults, making the clinic a unique resource for those unable to visit their primary physician outside of regular office hours.

The demographics of the consumers using the facility range from middle-aged to older adults and a significant number of college students. The college students are a diverse group, including both local and international students, many of whom come from different cultural and generational backgrounds. Patients from the Asian and Hispanic communities are the largest minority populations that utilize the clinic’s services. A significant proportion of patients are from low-income households that have limited access to primary health care services.

The location of the facility selected is strategic, as it is easily accessible by public transportation, given the location in the downtown area. Many residents within the city’s surrounding regions use the facility, given its central location. Moreover, with its central location, it serves patients as an alternative to emergency rooms for treating minor illnesses that do not require immediate attention.

The marketing approach used by the facility is targeted at patients seeking high-quality healthcare services. The facility uses Social Media Marketing (SMM) to reach patients within its radius. Advertisements are placed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that featuring discounts for services, fast access to medical care, and high-quality health care services. Further, the facility also uses local radio and television advertisements to reach potential patients. Additionally, the facility attracts patients through its positive reputation within the medical community through referrals.

In conclusion, the selected clinic serves the local community, providing convenient and high-quality care at an affordable cost. The demographics of the consumers that use the facility include diverse cultural and generational backgrounds, including low-income households. The clinic’s location and its targeted marketing approach ensure that residents within the city and its surrounding regions can access medical services.

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