Assignment Option 1: Article Review and Evaluation: Concept Map

Assignment Option 1: Article Review and Evaluation: Concept Map

Utilizing the CSU-Global library, locate and read three research articles on the topic of systems for managing quality improvement across healthcare organizations (e.g. Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing, Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award (MBNQA), Benchmarking, ISO 9000). Two articles must be quantitative studies and the third article must be a qualitative study.

Create a concept map which compares and contrasts the characteristics of the quality improvement systems represented in each article. Your concept map may include graphics such as diagrams, tables, or charts and must provide an evaluation of the effectiveness of the systems.

Your concept map should meet the following requirements:

Submit your final concept map as an image or link in a Word document or PowerPoint slide.

**Please read and follow all directions specifically**

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Introduction: This assignment requires students to create a concept map that compares and contrasts different quality improvement systems used in healthcare organizations. They must locate and read three research articles on the topic, including two quantitative and one qualitative study. The concept map must provide a clear visual representation of the strengths and weaknesses of each system, as well as an evaluation of situations in which each system would be most effective.

Answer: The article review and evaluation concept map assignment requires students to analyze and compare three research articles on different systems used to manage quality improvement in healthcare organizations. This assignment encompasses a wide range of skills, including research, critical thinking, evaluation, and creative design. By completing this assignment, students will gain a better understanding of the different approaches used to manage quality improvement in healthcare and will be able to provide a clear visual representation of the key strengths and weaknesses of each system. Additionally, this assignment encourages students to engage with the current research and match their findings with the practical applications of each system.

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