Answer any TEN of the following questions. 1. What are

Answer any TEN of the following questions.

1. What are the different approaches to automatically detect motion in a scene?

2. Name the concerns of outdoor applications of video motion detector.

3. Compare between analog and digital motion detectors.

4. Describe the earlier technology of motion detection.

5. List the role of motion detection in surveillance system.

6. What is false alarm? What does the rate of false alarm depend on?

7. Describe the principle of alarm map memory (AMM).

8. What is detection-of-motion zone (DMZ)? What is(are) the use(s) of DMZ?

9. What intelligence does digital signal processing technique bring to the video motion detection technology?

10. How does a user program a digital VMD?

11. What is detection sensitivity? How is it related to false alarm rate?

12. What is pattern recognition? What is(are) the use(s) of pattern recognition in video motion detection technology?

13. How does a VMD track a moving object?

14. Describe the principle of operation of a digital video motion detector.

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