Accountability in the Workplace

 We are all responsible for quality—health care leadership, providers, volunteers, and yes, even patients and their families. An organization with high standards and a reputation for delivering quality patient care will inevitably have a culture that demands both professional and personal accountability. Failing to meet standards of care is detrimental to patient safety. The resulting repercussions may cause harm that reaches well beyond the individual to staff, management, and regulatory agencies. In this discussion, describe a time when you witnessed another person on the interprofessional team not being accountable. Be sure to follow the requirements for initial postings found in the Faculty Expectations Message (FEM). What were the effects? What ethical course of action should have been initiated? How did the facility respond? How can the patient and the organization partner to develop safer care? being  a nurse for since 2005 have worked in the hospital setting 2 years and the rest in a home health agency. This paper should be based on an event that occurred during my time as a nurse in the hospital wich was in 2012 to 2014. Please only use .org, .edu and .net and sources no later than 2016

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