A 15+ slide Power Point Presentation Directions: Create a power


A 15+ slide Power Point Presentation


Create a power point presentation that addresses how VEEM and Blockchain will transform global marketing. You may use a company of choice to use as an example to help guide your discussion in how that company leverages VEEM and Blockchain to expand and transform their global marketing efforts.  Answer the following questions in your power point.

1) Define how VEEM and Blockchain is expanding the global marketing efforts of companies

2) In your company of choice, who are they, are how do you think they use Blockchain and VEEM technologies to operate their digital marketing efforts?

3) How does this company use those technologies to expand globally their marketing efforts?

4) What challenges do companies in general face when it comes to implementing these technologies for their marketing efforts?

5) What forward thinking 2-3 key strategies do you think this company and their industry can implement to be competitive in the global marketing landscape?

You can use magazines, company websites, journals, news articles, interviews etc, to research and uncover your information.  There is no exact answer to the questions on the strategies and challenges you think face that company and their industry, as long as your highly supportive research supports your thoughts. Looking for more what you think based on the research conducted. 

Links – veem.com/customer-stories (choose an article)


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