1. The methods and strategies you would use in order

1.  The methods and strategies you would use in order to perform the initial assessment.

2.  Which diagnoses would you consider?

3.  What is your case formulation? That is more comprehensive than just the diagnosis. For example let’s say you are considering ‘Major Depression” as a Diagnosis. Your case formulation may be something like this: “this patient has suffered significant recent loses in his life, and in the context of possible biological vulnerabilities (ie; history of maternal depression) and limited psychological resources he has developed a depressive condition”. In the case formulation you may also include possible interpersonal, psychoanalytic or existential dynamics if you consider them important.

4.  What is your treatment plan?

5.  What else would you have liked to know about this patient, which was not given to you in the case scenario, and you think it may have been very useful in order to reach a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan?

1,000-1,200 words each 

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